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Specification Of Solar Agriculture Sprayer

  • Solar Panel-12 Watt With More than 15years warranty
  • Power Diaphram type : Auto-Cut
  • Customized Speed Controller
  • Exide Company Battery-6 Month Guarantee
  • Battery Type : 12vDC/7Ah,Non Spilable Export Quality
  • Charger Option Inbuilt Electrical Charging (2 In 1)
  • LED Light-Night Time Operation **[optional]
  • Light Weight about only Weight-6.3 Kg to have Easy lifting and Movements
  • Spraying can be done by With Single On-Off Switch/Valve or Regulator.
  • No manual Efforts needed to Create Pressure
  • Continuous Spraying Capacity
  • Hi Performance Battery from Exide
  • User Friendly Product and Operation
  • 16liter Tank Capacity.

Agriculture is the backbone and daily rutine for rural parts in India. In rural areas, spraying pesticides is done by hand spray.or petrol/kerosene sprayers. These require manual operation or fuel.To address these issues,An innovative product developed which use the solar energy as a fuel. Proposed Solarised Agriculture Sprayer is an innovative product especially developed for rural areas and farmers which utilizes the energy from the solar panels to converting energy then its used for spraying the pesticides. The solar photovoltaic panel traps the solar arrays and this energy is stored in the battery. Battery powers the DC motor coupled fan and it's used to extract the atmospheric air.In nozzle both the pesticide and pressurised air mixes and pesticide is sprayed. The conventional sprayers cost = 6,000, but our product cost is less than RS6,000. The main advantage of solar agriculture sprayer is it does not affect farmer health by any means and also it does not contribute to green house gas emission.This Prduct proves an efficient and economic way of spraying pesticides with different flow and different nozels as per crop requirements at very low cost with higher efficiancy in less time.

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Specification Of Battery Powered Agriculture Sprayer

  • Motor type : 100PSI Auto-Cut
  • Customized Speed Controller
  • Lance Type: Brass
  • Body Type: Heavy Plastic Body
  • Battery Type : 12vDC/12Ah,High Power and Performance
  • Charger Option:Electrical Charging
  • Trigger Type: On/Off with Different Type Of Nozzels
  • Battery Level Indicators showing battery Charging Status
  • Light Weight about only Weight-6.3 Kg to have Easy lifting and Movements
  • Tank Capacity-16 Liters
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